Brilliant Theatre Arts


Season One -“Hope”

July – Dec 2020

What is our (Rep) Theatre Company?

Rep or Repertory Theatre was a traditional way of working in theatre in the past. It involved one company of the same actors presenting several different plays in rotation, whilst they rehearsed more to perform during the day.

It kept British theatre fresh, actors on-point and provided something ever-changing for hungry audiences. Unfortunately, the practice has now sadly stopped in most of the U.K. (with a few regional exceptions).

With the outbreak of Covid-19, Brilliant has embraced this style as a means to keep our members creatively fulfilled, challenged and engaged. It also means we can keep creating work around ever-changing government guidelines and advice.

Although we don’t present plays or performances in rotation, we do rehearse for several projects simultaneously, in order to present them to audiences throughout our Season (July –December 2020).

As with the original style of Rep Theatre, this keeps our company members (aged 7 –21+) actively engaged and means they can continue to broaden and develop their performance skills across several styles of theatre and performance.

Our Rep Company will run alongside our regular production opportunities, and meets weekly to rehearse.

Rehearsals are currently running as a hybrid of virtual and face-to-face and then we will be returning face-to-face fully after October half term.

Our Rep Season also incorporates our “BDance” classes, a modern dance form which steers away from the traditional format. BDance teaches the fundamentals of dance and takes techniques from Ballet, Tap and Modern.

How do we join the Rep Company?

To join our Rep Company, simply sign up to register for our projects

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